Double Collar





shirt- DIY, jacket- J Crew  pants- levis– shoes- fs/ny

This jacket makes me very happy. To begin with, it’s made out of a neoprene like material which gives it a strong silhouette. Plus, I love the neutral color scheme. On the J Crew website it’s described as a mix of a wetsuit and a letterman’s jacket, which I think is a pretty perfect description. The shirt that I am wearing under it was the product of a lazy afternoon- the original shirt was from Ann Taylor, but I added some denim to the collar. The shoes I found in a thrift shop, piled into the corner like they weren’t the beautiful, pointy toed, leather soled ballet flats that they are.

I felt a bit business y in this outfit, but I think that the unusual material of the jacket made it a bit less dressy. I liked the contrast of the denim on neoprene on cotton. It felt subtle, but still a little bit glamorous.


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