This week, I am lucky enough to 1) have a week off from school, and 2) have the opportunity to go to Boston. I can’t want to have a look at some of the fabric stores there. Any recommendations?

I decided that it might be fun to show the outfits I’ll be bringing. This is what I would consider my capsule wardrobe. It’s made up of the things that I always reach for in my closet, the pieces that I could wear every single day.


(left to right) jacket- J Crew, tee- DIY, tee- thrifted, tee- Everlane, jeans- Levi for Urban Outfitters, shorts- DIY, necklace- DIY, bracelet- DIY, flats- fs/ny, boots- Bussola, backpack- Everlane

*not all images shown are the actual things that I own- many of my pieces aren’t online*

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