Overalls and Sandals

Overalls on No Longer GreyOveralls on No Longer Grey

image via THE MAN REPELLERMy inspiration for this look- originally on The Man Repeller

Overalls on No Longer Grey Overalls on No Longer Grey

shirt- thrifited, overalls- thrifted, cardigan- Gap, sandals- Steve Madden

This is an outfit that I shamelessly copied after seeing the above picture on Man Repeller. My version is a bit less luxe- I substituted her lacy blouse for a simple white long sleeve tee, my overalls are a different color, and I knotted an old cardigan, rather than a leather jacket around my waist. I am rather fond of the results of my thievery of her outfit.

My shoes were my first pair of “grown up” shoes. I got them a few years back when I was in New York. I remember feeling so very grown up every time I wore them. I still love them to pieces.


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