Almost Peplum

Almost Peplum No Longer GreyAlmost Peplum No Longer Grey Almost Peplum No Longer GreyAlmost Peplum No Longer Grey

Almost Peplum No Longer Grey

shirt- DIY, jacket- Gap, shorts- DIY, shoes- converse, necklace- gift

Not quite peplum, not quite straight up and down… I love this shirt. I made it by cutting the straps off of an old tank top that was much too small, sewing some shoulder seams in, cutting arm holes, and then adding a ruffle by stitching pieces that were left over from a dress that I made. When I was looking in my closet for something to pair it with, I reached for my old denim jacket. I love wearing white and light blue together. It’s a very feminine look, so I teamed it with masculine shorts with big pockets (click here for the instructions on how to make them), and sneakers for a more casual look.






Embellished Shorts



I’m going to try something a bit new today, so bear with me. I decided to shoot a DIY post. It’s for a pair of shorts. Note: I didn’t actually make the shorts, I just added some pockets It’s quite an easy project, and only takes about 15 minutes. So, let’s get started!




  • Shorts- I used an old pair of Nike workout shorts, but you could use anything. You could also make your own.
  • Accent fabric- I chose dark denim, but these would be amazing with leather, suede, or anything your heart desires!
  • Needle and thread- I used a sewing machine, but this wouldn’t be hard to hand sew.
  • Paper
  • Pins

PicMonkey Collage.jpgoutput_rZmShz

1. I hemmed my shorts, just by turning up the ends and sewing. Nothing fancy. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but they are slightly shorter on the sides. This is a nifty little trick that elongates the leg!
2. Make a pattern for your pocket. I chose this simple diamond shape, but anything would work! Just be sure to have a way into them (if you are making these as pockets. You could also have them just as accent panels).
3. Pin the pattern to a double thick layer of your pocket fabric.
4. Cut around the pattern.


PicMonkey Collage2.jpg


5. Pin the pockets onto the pants. Try them on to be sure that they are in the right spot.
6. Sew- make sure that you leave an open space for your hands!
7. Remove any extra threads, and wear!



shorts- DIY, shirt- DIY, necklace- DIY, shoes- fs/ny

A simple project out of old work out shorts that is ridiculously quick. I love that these are comfortable, but look like more dressy pants. The pockets do fray a bit, but I like the messy elegance of that. You could always just turn the edges over, and then sew them on. Send me a picture if you try them!