shirt- Everlane, shorts- DIY, shoes- Steve Madden, collar- vintage

Some outfits just seem to put themselves together. These shorts aren’t new, and neither is the shirt, but when I got this lace collar, I suddenly knew that the three pieces would go together beautifully. Something about the textures and the colors just seemed so perfect. I decided to take these photos in the woods by my house because I found the lighting in them sort of ethereal. The woods almost seemed to glow. I love this time of year- everything is growing. It just makes me feel so alive.




SONY DSCTrousers on No Longer Grey

Trousers on No Longer Grey Trousers on No Longer Grey Trousers on No Longer Grey Trousers on No Longer Grey

shirt- DIY, trousers- DIY, shoes- Converse, bag- ESPRIT

I know it’s spring, and almost summer, but I’ve been loving the drapey trousers look. Not only do I find them visually stimulating, but I also love it when what’s in fashion strongly resembles something that can be worn to bed.

I wore these trousers with a DIY shirt, and a lacy ribbon wrapped around my wrist. I threw (or should I say chucked?) on my chucks to go with them. My friend Jess and I went scootering around our neighborhood, and took these photos on the way. It was one of those gorgeous days when the sky just seems to be so blue that you want to sit out under it and soak it all up. Scootering was, naturally, the best way to enjoy it. Jess snapped these photos on the way. I think that they came out beautifully. Huge thanks to her!

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day on No Longer GreyMother's Day on No Longer Grey

Mother's Day on No Longer Greyshirt- J Crew, shorts- American Apparel, shoes- fs/ny, hair bow- DIY

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Don’t forget to tell your mum how grateful you are for her. I don’t know what I would do without my wonderful mother.

This outfit isn’t particularly special. It’s just a tee shirt and shorts. But I love the color of this shirt so much. It’s almost a nude on me, but not quite. Plus, it’s a gorgeous texture. It’s a sort of all over slub effect. I wore it with denim shorts, because I think that the colors go well together.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Almost Peplum

Almost Peplum No Longer GreyAlmost Peplum No Longer Grey Almost Peplum No Longer GreyAlmost Peplum No Longer Grey

Almost Peplum No Longer Grey

shirt- DIY, jacket- Gap, shorts- DIY, shoes- converse, necklace- gift

Not quite peplum, not quite straight up and down… I love this shirt. I made it by cutting the straps off of an old tank top that was much too small, sewing some shoulder seams in, cutting arm holes, and then adding a ruffle by stitching pieces that were left over from a dress that I made. When I was looking in my closet for something to pair it with, I reached for my old denim jacket. I love wearing white and light blue together. It’s a very feminine look, so I teamed it with masculine shorts with big pockets (click here for the instructions on how to make them), and sneakers for a more casual look.





Overalls and Sandals

Overalls on No Longer GreyOveralls on No Longer Grey

image via THE MAN REPELLERMy inspiration for this look- originally on The Man Repeller

Overalls on No Longer Grey Overalls on No Longer Grey

shirt- thrifited, overalls- thrifted, cardigan- Gap, sandals- Steve Madden

This is an outfit that I shamelessly copied after seeing the above picture on Man Repeller. My version is a bit less luxe- I substituted her lacy blouse for a simple white long sleeve tee, my overalls are a different color, and I knotted an old cardigan, rather than a leather jacket around my waist. I am rather fond of the results of my thievery of her outfit.

My shoes were my first pair of “grown up” shoes. I got them a few years back when I was in New York. I remember feeling so very grown up every time I wore them. I still love them to pieces.