Overalls and Sandals

Overalls on No Longer GreyOveralls on No Longer Grey

image via THE MAN REPELLERMy inspiration for this look- originally on The Man Repeller

Overalls on No Longer Grey Overalls on No Longer Grey

shirt- thrifited, overalls- thrifted, cardigan- Gap, sandals- Steve Madden

This is an outfit that I shamelessly copied after seeing the above picture on Man Repeller. My version is a bit less luxe- I substituted her lacy blouse for a simple white long sleeve tee, my overalls are a different color, and I knotted an old cardigan, rather than a leather jacket around my waist. I am rather fond of the results of my thievery of her outfit.

My shoes were my first pair of “grown up” shoes. I got them a few years back when I was in New York. I remember feeling so very grown up every time I wore them. I still love them to pieces.


Bow In Your Hair

Bow In My Hair no longer grey

shirt- H&M, shorts- American Apparel, shoes- Bussola, scarf- gift

Why not wear a bow in your hair? I used a scarf that my grandmother gave me a year ago to create a bow. Even though this outfit is incredibly simple, the hair bow made it feel more interesting, and a little bit Laura Ingalls Wilder. And who doesn’t want to look like a mashup of a pioneer girl and a modern day girl?



May Day

May Day No Longer Grey

May Day No Longer Grey
May Day No Longer Grey

May Day No Longer Grey

shorts- thrifted, shirt- Everlane, shoes- Breckelles, cardigan- thrifted

Happy May everyone! I wore floral shorts because, as we all know, April showers bring May flowers. Who’s to say if the flowers should be on a garment or in the ground? With them, I teamed a white shirt from everlane. This has been my favorite shirt since I got it last August. It’s a slightly boxy cut crew neck tee, with rolled sleeves, and amazing drape.

Denim x Denim

Denim x Denim No Longer Grey

Denim x Denim No Longer Grey Denim x Denim No Longer Grey Denim x Denim No Longer Grey
Denim x Denim No Longer Grey

shorts- American Apparel, shirt- DIY, jacket- Gap, shoes- fs/ny, necklace- DIY, bracelet- thrifted

This is pretty much the most “double denim”-y that I’ll get. I do love an outfit with some denim layering, but I can’t really make the trend work for me. That’s the thing with trends- you have to make them your own. So, if like me, you don’t love yourself in something, why wear it? Fashion should make you feel confident, and I know that I certainty don’t feel confident when I don’t love what I’m wearing.

Happy Tuesday!

Spring Uniform

The word “uniform” brings to mind knee socks, kilts, and blazers. But recently I was introduced to a different kind of uniform. The idea behind it is the same as the idea behind school uniforms. It would consist of a few types of items that one could wear every day. This is not to say that I want to wear the same thing every day. But on the Monday mornings when I just want to crawl back into the cave of my bed, having a uniform helps. I can just grab the elements of said uniform and be done dressing in two minutes flat, leaving me time to read in my bed for a few more minutes.

A couple of weeks back when it looked like the snow might eventually melt and I might be able to someday leave my house without my puffer coat, I started drafting a spring uniform. I wanted to be sure that I would really love whatever I came up with, and that could carry me into summer with only some minor variations. I gathered inspiration from various locations, decided upon a silhouette and palette, bought some pieces, and reorganized my closet to better suit my uniform. (If you want more on this process, just tell me and I’d be happy to post the whole thing!)

I ended up with a uniform consisting of high waisted shorts, loose shirts, and a short jacket over the entire thing. My palette was white, black, grey, blush, and pale blue. Below are some of my favorite pieces from my spring 2014 uniform!


spring uniform no longer grey

spring uniform no longer grey=

What do you think? Would you ever make a uniform? Let me know in the comments section!